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Solar Power Systems

Go Solar With T&G Roofing

Who do you trust to go solar?

To do the job right...
you need a contractor
that knows both solar and roofing.

We’re double certified
for your protection.

T & G Roofing is not only a certified solar contractor—we’re also a certified roofing contractor. Why is that important? Because your new solar system will need to be tied into your roofing system. Do you really want someone who doesn’t know anything about roofing making holes in your roof? We’ve been certified by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, as one of their Master Elite® Roofing Contractors (as well as one of their Solar Elite Contractors). So we know not only how solar systems affect your roof but also how to install them in order to help protect the integrity of your roof.

Our team of certified professionals is committed to performing a quality solar installation while providing you with exceptional service and communication throughout the entire process. But our relationship doesn’t end the minute your Solar System is installed. We’ll provide monitoring solutions to ensure optimal system performance. And we’re always available to answer questions—any time you need us.

Don’t trust your biggest asset to just any contractor. With T & G Roofing you can rest assured that your solar system—and your roof!—will be in safe hands.

Start Generating Solar Power


If You're Thinking Solar, You're Thinking Smart.

An energy-saving solar system is an investment that can pay for itself over time.*

Solar Panels | T & G Roofing Company | Upland, CA | Going SolarReduce your electricity bill.*
Harnessing the power of the sun can allow you to start saving money on your electricity bill right away./p>

Insulate yourself against a potential rise in energy costs.
The cost of electricity rose about an average of 4% nationwide from 2007 to 2011. Solar power can help offset a potential increase in energy costs by reducing your dependence on traditional energy sources.

Help the environment.
Solar is a clean, efficient, and sustainable form of energy. By installing a solar system, you can reduce your home’s annual greenhouse gas pollution. Plus, using solar power helps to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil!

What’s more—solar is more affordable than you might think! When you meet with us for your free solar assessment, you’ll discover just how easy it can be to finance a solar system.


We are dedicated to making your solar installation simple and worry-free.

T & G Roofing | Patio Covers | Solid Roof Construction

As a GAF Solar Elite Contractor™, we at T & G Roofing will commit to clearly explaining your options, answering all your questions, and providing you with the optimal solar solution for your needs.

Here’s why a GAF Solar Elite Contractor™ is your best choice:

  • We’re trusted professionals. We’re local and have served your neighborhood for years.
  • We’re also a GAF Master Elite™ Contractor. We’re certified by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.
  • We provide the support you need. We will make your transition to solar as easy as possible. Our team of professionals will process permits, available rebates, and utility company incentives.



* Actual electricity bill savings will depend on your energy usage, region, utility company, effects of tiered pricing, electricity pricing regulations, and various other factors. Consult with your GAF Solar Elite Contractor™ for more details.



When you Install a Solar System, You Can:

  • Reduce your electricity bill*.
  • Insulate yourself against a potential rise in energy costs.
  • Help the environment.


GAF Solar Elite Contractor


T & G Roofing Solar Power System Products

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